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Filling in Dentistry is called Dental Restoration of Decayed Tooth. It is amaterial, which fills the tooth that isleft after the carious or decayed portion of a tooth has been excavated or removed. Fillings or Dental Restorations can be done with

  • Composite Fillings, which are esthetic fillings with shade matching similar to natural teeth. Composites are also used for Cosmetic improvements of Smile by changing the color & reshaping the disfigured or cracked teeth.
  • GIC Fillingsare also white or tooth colored filling but their shade may vary. The major advantage of GIC filling is that it has ability to store & release a small amount of Fluoride, which prevents the tooth from further caries or decay.

Root canal treatment (RCT)

Once infection reaches the pulp of the tooth, a procedure (Root Canal Treatment) is done to remove theinfected or diseased pulp from the tooth, in order to save the tooth. After the RCT, the Crown is advised to the patient, which provides strength to the Root Canal Treated Tooth.